Wednesday, February 17, 2010

oops! here's the cone


Hameed Nori said...

Wow this is your next picture blog. I saw good result on these pictures as well. Success is from you!

Rick de Zoete said...

Ok - now I'm no longer befuddled. I had a look at your other photo yesterday and thought I must be missing something since I didn't get the connection with the 'cone'. Now I've got it :) very nice shot with great detail !

katney said...

Yeah, I goofed for sure. I thought I had done this picture yesterday.

imac said...

Certainly adds a little colour to your ice.

Martha Z said...

You have a lot of great shot on this blog. This cone with ice is very nice.
Isn't it nice to have good weather to let us get out and enjoy the world?

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