Saturday, April 30, 2011

April comes to an end

It came in like a lion and is leaving like a lion.
That is supposed to be March.

I am going to give April up as half lost. I posted half as many pictures as days. I will for a daily fresh start with May, and I may make  up April's shortage later in the year.

April has had winds. We are fortunate here to have had only winds--not fierce tornadoes. but our lives have been thrown as with a twister. My husband spent a week in the hospital, going in with a possible heart problem and leaving with no diagnosis except that it was not his heart. Two weeks and further tests later we have a diagnosis. Myeloma (Smoldering--or slow growing.) We have faith in the Lord and in the doctors that now that they finally have figured it out, that they will be successful in treating it. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

This is not a blog of words, but I thought to put these here where most of those who see them are somewhat close to us. I will elaborate on KK sometime later when we have digested the news.


imac said...

Daffs in Spring - Im sure the hosp will spring into action and sort your DH out.
Our prayers and thoughts are with you both.
Julie and Stewart.

Mary said...

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's problem. I pray that the news is better by now. May God be with both of your though this.

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